Collector Systems is here for you, wherever you are, wherever your collection is.

Collector Systems is the leading cloud-based collection management solution for managing collections of fine art, furniture, jewelry, cars, clothing and wine.
Collector Systems provides you with sophisticated tools for easily maintaining standardized records in archives and historical collections, from built-in access to Chenhall's Nomenclature to our forthcoming Digital Asset Management System (DAMS).
Modules tailored for the demands of natural history collections empower you to keep all your data organized and accessible, with built-in tools for full and precise taxonomic classfication.
For fieldwork, research and management, Collector Systems provides the complete cataloging solution for archaeological and ethnological collections.
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Our Clients

For Institutional Collections

Whether you’re looking to manage a museum collection, historic home, or archive, Collector Systems combines all the most advanced tools for managing and documenting your institutional collection.

For Private and Corporate Collections

For collectors of any kind, Collector Systems makes it easy to catalog all your fine art, jewelry, antiques, books and more. With powerful features and exceptional client support, Collector Systems allows you to actually enjoy managing your collection.

For Art Professionals

Advisors and Appraisers

Easily manage multiple clients simultaneously through a centralized administrative interface with sub-accounts for each client. Prepare custom reports for each client, including USPAP-compliant appraisal reports with your own qualifications and supporting documents. Use the Gallery feature to share each client’s collection with them in an elegant virtual viewing room.

For Logistics Professionals

Shipping and Storage

Track all movement and documentation for each shipping entry, and capture data about each crate as well as the objects within it. Easily generate customized reports including inventory checklists by client, bills of lading, and more.

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